Article: These 6 Podcasts Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur in 2017

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These 6 Podcasts Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur
in 2017

Jeremy Goldman/Dec 16, 2016

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It’s hard enough to be an entrepreneur, but armed with these podcasts you’ll have a better chance at winning.

Though podcasting has been around for over a decade, 2016 was probably the year of the podcast, with so many great ones hitting high points, with more and more terrific luminaries joining the medium.

While so many people use podcasts for entertainment, there are plenty of great shows that are especially applicable to entrepreneurship. For those of you looking to step it up, here are the podcasts you need to be a better entrepreneur in 2017:

#1: The Growth Show

One of the best examples of a company-sponsored podcast around, The Growth Show is brought to you by HubSpot, but it’s not salesy in the slightest. Rather, it is focused on how to grow a company, start a movement, or execute and scale an idea. Every week, HubSpot CMO Kipp Bodnar sits down with a luminary who’s done something truly remarkable, from finance entrepreneur Ramit Sethi to Buffer CEO Joel Gascoigne to Patty McCord, the architect of Netflix’s corporate culture. Unlike like other shows, this one embraces failure, and includes honest conversations with some really impressive people about the setbacks they encountered on their way to growth.

#2: TED Radio Hour

If you’ve never had the chance to listen to a TED talk up close and personal, this podcast is pretty much the next best thing. Co-produced by NPR and TED, this show brings you the best of TED talks from some of the world’s most inspirational speakers. What’s best about this show is that each episode bundles a few TED talks together around specific themes, such as compassion, stress, food, and more — so you can bounce directly to episodes with topics that speak to you.

#3: Entrepreneur on Fire

If Entrepreneur on Fire were completely useless as a learning tool, it would still be worth the listen. John Lee Dumas’s guests all have something new and interesting to share, and provide a blissful glimpse into what life is like for those who have been able to venture out into the harsh world of the entrepreneur and come through the other side – far from unscathed, as you’ll hear, but certainly wiser for the experience. Guests explore their greatest challenges and failures, which makes for a very humanizing and yet somehow encouraging discussion about what business can be when the stakes are highest. And of course the “Aha!” stories are just as good, a reminder that even when things seem bleak, success may be right around the corner.

#4: ConversionCast

Reaching a large audience is a crucial part of building a business, but for entrepreneurs, it’s really all for nothing if you can’t get conversions. You know, when the target audience actually does something? Well if you’ve been having trouble on this front, ConversionCast is here to the rescue, offering great advice on optimization and getting leads to join email lists, engage in social sharing, and of course, become customers!

#5: #AskGaryVee

The show is, as its name suggests, a channel through which Gary Vaynerchuck answers questions on everything from entrepreneurship to the ever-changing landscape of social media. The questions are submitted by his fans and followers, and chosen by Gary for their topical relevance or popularity, which means that he cuts straight to the point. These people are looking for real answers they can put to work in their professional lives, and on this front, Gary delivers. Topics can range from the general (how to become a successful freelancer) to the very specific (reviewing specific apps or events), but in either case, the episodes are worth the listen.

#6: The Tim Ferriss Show

According to the man himself, The Tim Ferriss Show is about “deconstructing greatness.” Tim interviews an eclectic mix of public figures from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Tony Robbins, picking their brains in order to find out exactly what makes them tick, and thus what makes them so successful. From morning routines to productivity tips to favorite books, every guest has something new to provide. And while each one has unique advice, the real benefit is given to those who listen religiously, as similarities and themes become apparent in the methods of those who are so successful. Even if an episode’s guest isn’t someone you would normally consider relevant to your interest, just give it a listen – I promise you will enjoy it anyway.

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